Friday, May 23, 2008

Decision Cupcake 2008

In San Francisco we get to enjoy Kara's cupcakes, yummy overpriced cupcakes that live in a pink boxed womb. Just recently we stopped by Kara's and picked up 20. I personally am not the biggest sweets fan, but cupcakes are always hard for me to turn down. The first Kara's cupcake I had was a caramel banana baby that was delicious.

As it turned out a friend of ours was heading up from L.A. for the weekend and we asked him to bring up some cupcakes. He brought up about 40 cupcakes. 20 or so from Sprinkles and another 20 or so from Dots.

We had an all out taste test, cutting the cupcakes into fourths and trying the same flavors of cupcake from each store. This was done for multiple flavors of cupcakes. Hands down Sprinkles was the winner. Dots was second, and the little cutesy cupcake shop so many in San Francisco swear are the best cupcakes came in a distant third.

Here is a slide show to whet your appetite (if you were judging by the box Sprinkles would come in last).

**UPDATE** I was just at Stanford Mall this past weekend and it looks like a Sprinkles will be coming to the mall in Summer 2008

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