Thursday, December 31, 2009

More and Less

Every year I put together a list ( see 2009) of achievements for myself in the upcoming year, usually with numbers behind each goal. I find I hit some marks and miss others.

This year I want to set themes for myself, and you(?), as a guide to the next 12 months. I certainly have specific goals outside of this list, but whether I find myself sitting in a business meeting, having dinner with a friend, walking through my front door, contemplating an important decision, thinking about a business idea, or strolling down the Embarcadero with Hunter I want these to guide my thinking across the spectrum for 2010.

- More Twenty Ten. Less Two thousand and ten
- More open. Less closed.
- More in the cloud. Less on the desktop.
- More data. Less opinion.
- More transparency. Less walls.
- More playing. Less watching.
- More reading. Less TV.
- Less PowerPoint!!!
- More gym. Less bars.
- More chicken and fish. Less red meat.
- More veggies and fruits. Less chips and salsa.
- More cooking in. Less dining out.
- More face to face. Less phone.
- More social interaction. Less email.
- More integration. Less fragmentation.
- More local leadership. Less national complaining.
- More saving. Less spending.
- More risk taking. Less status quo.
- More leading. Less following.

As @garyvee would say, it's time to Crush It. And Twenty Ten seems like a great time to Crush It!

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