Friday, July 17, 2009

So my Dad is hanging out with a horse...

I wish there was a story behind this, but that's as far as it goes. Due to a hectic schedule I missed the opportunity to spend a few great days back home with my Dad for the All Star game. Looks like he was doing just fine without me.

There is a small point I want to make and it has to do with the outcome of the All Star game determining home field advantage in the World Series. Obviously the system is broken and everyone seems to know it.

In the current system, no individual team's performance helps determine home field advantage for that years World Series. Doesn't that seem a little (way) off?!

How about whichever team has the best record? That is a popular one out there and seems to make a ton of sense. Instead MLB has compromised the World Series to 'benefit' the All Star game.

When you proceed to look at World Series victors since the inception of the All Star game determining home field advantage we see an even split. According to bleacher report, while the American League has won the last 6 All Star games since this rule was instituted, the W.S. winners have been split 3/3 for each league.

In my mind it doesn't matter that the W.S winners have split evenly. Dumb luck perhaps, maybe home field advantage doesn't matter (I doubt it), but I certainly believe the best team (as reflected by their record) in the World Series deserve to have 4 chances to play in front of their fans and a better chance of celebrating a World Series victory in front of their fans.

(When I was little I kid I did get kicked by a cow at the state fair and broke my collar bone, but that is a whole different story. Hope that makes up for the horse teaser in the title)

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