Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Resoltions/Goals

I figure if I write it down I've got a better chance

-Get back to surfing seriously (2-3/month)
-Swim 2x a week
-Yoga 1x a week
-8 rounds of golf
-1 Trip out of the country (10 days +)
-Drink less during the week
-More salad in the diet
-Grow family relationships
-Read 20 books
-Blog once a week
-Ski 5x (Take Hunter to the snow 3x)
-Budget and Save
-Become well versed in personal finances and investing
-Learn more about wine
-Join a non-profit or volunteer group and participate monthly

-Grow and develop client relations (12 trips to client offices)
-Grow business by 60%
-Revolutionize in store shopper behavior
-Read 10 career development books
-Improve public speaking and sales skills
-Develop an idea and write a business plan around it

Happy 2009!

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