Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Chronicles - The Genesis

I have always been extremely skeptical of online dating. I always found it odd and sketchy thinking it was for people who aren't good at socializing or who were consumed with their job they had no time. A few weeks back I was debating the whole idea of online dating with my roommate. He made wonderful points as to the reasons to try dating online (if not meeting someone through friends, family, or work...where, randomly at a bar?). He sees online dating as a great way to vet a larger crowd and find someone with like interests so you are headed down the right path when you meet. While this all makes sense my gut told me, and still does, "This is B.S."

As the talk progressed it got to that point where we didn't know if it was good or bad until we tried it. We both felt strong enough in our convictions and viewpoints that we would put ourselves to work and sign-up for, the paid version, for 3 months. As I explain in the video below, I am totally up to find someone via online dating and will make every effort to do just that; I just don't think it will happen.


  1. I know I'm kind of late to this, but might I suggest It's free, and I almost immediately found a guy living very close to me who is nearly a perfect match. never worked for me, but then I never bothered paying for it, either. Whatever you do, I recommend keeping an open mind. He's not conventionally attractive (but at least not overweight), and we're of different races (he's white and I'm black) but something told me to overlook surface issues, and now I'm really glad I did.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Kamilah. You certainly aren't too late to the game and has been a bad experiment and experience.